Welcome to Ascending Wisdom

Thank you for looking at the Ascending Wisdom website and I hope you find it informative and interesting. The aim is to enlighten you and assist you on your life journey, providing you with opportunities to understand, develop and heal your mind body and soul.

Healing your mind body and soul will assist you in living the life you were destined to live, not just existing in this world.

As you gain enlightenment your ascension becomes your act of doing, of drawing in the light, raising your consciousness and expanding your awareness.

Lightworking is a way of life. We are all Lightworkers as we all, in one way or another, help other people.

Please browse the pages as there will be something that catches your eye.

When you’ve seen enough please come back again soon as there are always new and exciting things happening.

Below are two videos from the founder of;

Ascending Wisdom

Nicola Farmer.



The 1st video is 5 minutes and briefly outlines Nicola’ s work.




The 2nd video is 17 minutes and gives more information of Nicola’s work and plans.