Angel Days

This workshop is aimed at everyone who wishes to feel the vibration of the Angelic Realm.

It’s a fun day with lots of exercises to help you understand more about Angels, feel and work in their energy and improve your life with knowledge and healing.

Angels are divine heavenly beings that vibrate their energy here on earth, with pure unconditional love.

The word ‘Angel’ is taken from the Greek word ‘Angelos’ which means ‘Messenger’. Angels are those souls who from the beginning of creation never lost contact with the Creator, never had physical lives, and seek only to fulfil the will of the Creator.

 “We are present in your world every second of your lives and look upon you as pure light that emanates from your heart. We do not interfere in your life, but our hearts sing when you call upon us to help you. It does not matter how big or small the task, we love to assist and help you on your life journey. We applaud you for admitting that you require our assistance and take great joy from watching you grow. We are never far from your side and ask that you call for us and then listen to the sounds around you to know that we hear your prayers”.

The Angel Days will be held on various dates. Times and venues will be announced on the Events page.

If you require any further information please contact me.