Self Awareness Course

Self awareness in its simplest term is knowing yourself.

As we develop self awareness, we are able to make changes in the thoughts and interpretation we make in our mind. If we want to change our life we need to know ourselves before we can act. We need to know what we need to do in the right direction and it is not possible to do that until we know ourselves.

As we grow in self awareness , we will better understand why we feel what we feel and why we behave what we behave.
These understanding give us the freedom to change things we would like to change about ourselves and create the life we want.
Begin To Know Yourself Here:

Physical Self + Mental Self + Emotional Self + Spiritual Self = Whole Self

 Physical Self
This is where we begin to experience and be conscious of our physical self and environment. We truly can be happy, peaceful, and excited about life no matter what is happening in the world around us.

Mental Self
Begin to be conscious of our ability to observe and identify our mental process, how we process information. Some people go through life without any interest in their own thoughts, motives, or feelings. They seem to deal with every situation reflexively.

Emotional Self
The Emotional Self has to do with our relationship with others and ourselves. It is very heart-centred and very compassionate. Emotional self is how we feel about everything. By  examining your emotional life, releasing of negative emotions and promotion of positive qualities like love, trust and self-belief you begin to know your emotional self.

Spiritual Self
The spiritual self if the central and most fundamental of all the four aspects of our lives because it becomes the source of guidance to the other three. We have a relationship with life and the universe whether religious or not. This is our spiritual life.

Whole Self
The time has come for you to reconnect to all the lost fragments of yourself and in re-integrating each of these fragments, you then begin to express your whole self!

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” ~Tao Tzu

This course is held fortnightly, in small groups of like minded people. It includes group discussions, meditation, healing, reading and lots more.

If you feel it’s time to find your own power, take control of your life and become whole then please contact me for more information and course dates.